What is most important in life?

Navita Pareek
3 min readJan 6, 2021

In our life, we come across situations which include stress or extreme depression either because of a love affair, life partner, fellow members or colleagues. But we hardly think if these things are important in life or not. This blog is written after I read a book named “Stop worrying and start living”. It is just a small-medium to summarize my learnings from the book and life.

As per the statistics, more than 20% of the world population are detected with extreme depression.

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But while these kinds of stuff capture unpaid space in our life, we always forgot that what will really last is our health and wealth (it is a truth).

“Even if money cannot buy everything but it is far easy to cry in a car rather than on a cycle.”

“Happy moments of old age include walking without external help.”

This is my first blog and it is all about the fact that we waste our maximum time in changing others and expecting things that hardly last. Rather than this why we cannot just enjoy our life, nourish ourselves and improve self qualities

“Love yourself to the fullest.”

We could see many people (including ourselves) wasting time in figuring out others’ nature, hoping for others’ positive reactions, wishing expectations to be fulfilled or planning others’ life.

Rather than waiting each day for a miracle to happen, why cannot we just go to a gym, be fit and do our career oriented work sincerely?

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“Get so busy in improving and enjoying yourself that you hardly get time to judge others.”

Ask yourself if all the following statements satisfy your life:

1. Are you having a completely fit and adorable body?

2. Does your face is enough young and full of confidence?

3. Are you fully successful in your career?

4. Have you fulfilled all your self-centric dreams?

“Be a little selfish to enjoy your life, as you will get only one.”

So the main focus of this blog is only YOU. Make a routine for yourself, which will make you smarter, brighter and successful with each passing day. With this wisdom, you will realize how small are the things that you earlier bothered about.

“You deserve the best.”

Lastly, I conclude this blog with a fact that you have a small, single and sweet life. At your old age, the complete journey of life will seem like a blink, So use your blink judiciously in building and loving yourself.

“You are the EMPEROR of your life, rule it to the fullest.”

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